Quebec’s Religious History

From its foundation Quebec has been one of the most predominant Catholic establishments in North America hosting the largest cathedral north of Mexico City and many centuries old monasteries, convents and seminaries. Not only did the prominence of Quebec’s Catholicism influence the religious life of the province but also dominated control of the health and education systems. Social and political turmoil over religious, language and socio-economic barriers in the 1960s and 70s led to a silent revolution in which the people of Quebec walked out of and rejected the dominant Catholic heritage. Decades later the idea of church, organized religion and the Gospel are still a topic of contention among most Quebecers. In fact, only in Quebec, some of the most common swear words are recognizable Catholic/religious terms. To bring the Gospel to a culture with a religious aversion it is part of our vision to share Jesus’ love through personal life on life ministry


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